Senate Hearing on Silica Exposure
April 20, 2012 - OSHA’s new Silica Standard has been bottled up at the Office of Management and Budget after OSHA sent the rule there for a normally short (3 month) review.  It’s been there for over 14 months, with no sign of movement.

More than two million workers are exposed to crystalline silica dust in general industry,construction and maritime industries, including workers involved in abrasive blasting,  paint manufacturing, brick making, and glass and concrete manufacturing. Workers performing highway repair, masonry and concrete work are also exposed to silica dust.

Yesterday the Senate held a Committee Hearing (the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee) on this issue.  Labor was represented by Detroit Local #1 Bricklayers’ and Allied Crafts instructor Tom Ward, a CAMTEC guest instructor, who did a magnificent job both in his initial testimony, and in his answers to different senators.  You can access video of this meeting here.

Tom’s initial testimony can be found from 65:50 to 71:50. He did a great job speaking on behalf of construction workers.  For more information on the dangers of silica, visit OSHA's website or MIOSHA's Fact Sheet.

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