Toolbox Talk - Job Kick Off

Toolbox Talk - Job Kick Off
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So you're the new employee - or maybe you're an experienced worker starting 

at a new site. Statistics tell us that over 40% of work-related injuries come from employees on the job for less than a year. How will you protect yourself?

Before you go to work on this site, here are some things to know:

First Aid & Emergency

First aid supplies are located:

Name of individual certified to perform first aid:

If you are injured on the job, call:

If there is an emergency evacuation, we will meet here:

Housekeeping & Sanitation

Are there any materials which must be disposed of in a special manner? YES NO

What are the procedures for daily cleanup?

Where is the drinking water located? _____________________

Personal Protective Equipment

Are hard hats required at this work site? YES NO

What other kinds of personal protective equipment are needed?


Material Safety Data Sheets are kept:

As a new - or seasoned – employee, there are many safety topics that you need to think about. Some other subjects that may be of particular importance on your job are: working around cranes and heavy equipment; excavations and trenching; motor vehicles; scaffolds; fall protection; and electricity.

As the new guy on the block there is a lot of information that you need to comprehend. If you have a question – ASK.

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